Die 100 Städte mit den meisten Top-Mittelständlern

In welchen Städte finden Mittelstandsunternehmen besonders gute Voraussetzungen? Aufschluss gibt das Ranking „Mittelstand 10.000“, in dem die wichtigsten Mittelstandsunternehmen Deutschlands zusammengeführt sind. Hier die Rangliste der 100 Städte mit den meisten „Top-10.000“-Unternehmen. Hier geht es zum Ranking.

Immigrants are bringing entrepreneurial flair to Germany

Germans are famous for hard work and efficiency, but not necessarily for entrepreneurialism. They are less likely to start a new business than Americans, Swedes or even the French (see chart). But the country’s recent wave of immigration appears to be giving its startup rate a boost. In 2015, 44% of newly registered businesses in Germany were founded by people with foreign passports, up from just 13% in 2003. In all, about one-fifth of those engaged in entrepreneurial activity were born abroad. weiterlesen